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Replacement Car Keys

Replacement Car Keys

Since the early ‘90's, vehicle manufactures have increased the levels of security on the locking mechanisms and have fitted transponder technology to their vehicles destined for the UK Market. This has helped to reduce car theft but causes problems for the vehicle owners when the vehicle keys are lost or stolen.

Entry to the vehicle in such circumstances and following lockout has become more and more of a problem. New replacement car keys have to be programmed to the vehicles immobiliser engine management system or they simply will not work. Therefore most ordinary locksmiths are no longer able to assist and this is where we, as specialists, come in.

We are trained in the latest entry techniques to effect entry to vehicles without causing any damage even when the vehicles have been deadlocked.

We are also equipped with the latest transponder car key and ECU Programming equipment which enables us to cut and programme most makes of vehicle keys at the roadside.

Transponder keys and Remote Controls

If you need spare or replacement keys, we can help. We can even replace your keys without an original, using advanced technology that we carry on board.
What is a Transponder key?

This is a car key that is fitted with a radio-chip that communicates with a car's on-board computer.

If the computer does not receive the correct signal from the transponder key, the engine of the car will not start.

If you need spare or replacement keys, we can help. We can even replace your keys without an original.

We can supply keys for most cars including the following:

* Audi
* Citroen
* Daewoo
* Fiat
* Ford
* Honda
* Lexus
* Mazda
* Nissan

* Opel / Vauxhall
* Peugeot
* Rover / Landrover
* Seat
* Skoda
* Suzuki
* Toyota
* Vauxhall
* Volkswagen

Please Note: Most manufacturers' modern immobiliser systems have the added security of an access pin code.

Without the pin code the new replacement transponder chip key cannot be programmed.

We have specialist equipment to read the access pin codes from the vehicles immobiliser systems so can program the keys when the access codes are lost or are not available

This means you don't have to make multiple journeys to the main dealers to try and obtain these codes or wait up to 5 working days for them.

If your car is not listed, don't worry. We may still be able to help.

Please contact us for further information, or for a quote.

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