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Storage Solutions - WSS900
£ 56.26
Out of stock
As the Wolf Storage Solution does no require nuts, bolts or any permanent fixings, it is easy to deconstruct and assemble. The powder coated finish makes it difficult to scratch, even in workshops and garages, whilst the shelves can be interchanged and set at your desired height, depending upon your storage needs.

- No of shelves: 5

- Max load per shelf: 100Kg

- Max height: 1800mm

- Powder coated uprights and beams

- Weight: 29kg

- Dimensions (Metric) - Shelf Size (LxW) 900mm x 450mm (H) 1800mm

- Dimensions (Imperial) - Shelf size (LxW) 35.4" x 17.1" (H) 70.8" Learn More

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Silca Idea Mortice Machine
£ 13,098.04
The Idea key cutting machine is for duplication of mortice keys either by cutting to code or by copy.

The machine cuts bit and double bit, pump, and 'English' keys (with shoulder). This electronic key-cutting machine guarantees precision within hundreds of millimetres with both methods of cutting (code and copying).

The main innovative characteristics of the machine, which is designed to meet the needs of professional key-cutters, are its accuracy and ease of use. Idea works as a stand alone or connected to a personal computer.

Replacement Cutter: SC037

Size: 400 x 520 x 450mm

Voltage: 230v Learn More

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JMA X-Code Electronic Machine
£ 13,330.80
The X-CODE is an electronic key cutting machine for duplicating and code cutting both dimple and laser style keys. It can operate stand alone or by connection to a PC (PC Software not included).

It`s most important features are:

1.Maximum reliability in key cutting - Either use electrical contact for each cut or use standard cutting information.
2.The machine operator can introduce new cards with ease.
3.The code database can be updated on a daily basis (Interactive key Software - Not included).
4.Compliance with all standards demanded by the European Community CE.
5.Maximum safety for the machine operator.
6.The X-CODE can work in 2 different ways - Either Stand Alone or via PC Software.

Motor: 220v,50hz,0.18Kw,1500/3000rpm.
Size: 400 x 612 x 550
Weight: 45 kg
Learn More

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JMA Pro Code Electronic Machine
£ 12,200.06
ELECTRONIC machine for CODE cutting of flat keys (cylinder lock and car).

The Pro Code can operate independently or connected to a PC. It is a highly reliable , precise machine, with a lot of flexibility for adding new files and very safe to operate. As optional elements, there is an electromagnetic reader accurate to hundredths and a complete code program available.

Size: 530 x 420 x 300mm

Voltage: 220v
Learn More

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JMA Multimark Machine
£ 6,560.92

Electronic machine for engraving logos, images and text (in horizontal, arch and angled).

Marks most types of keys. Additional clamps can be purchased to mark Euro cylinders, Scandinavian and engraving plates.

Easy and fast to use with great flexibility
of logos and images rather than just standard text. The distance between each marker point can be increased or decreased to the desire distance i.e. You can have points meet so it gives the appearance of being joined rather separate dots.

Motor: 230 V 50Hz. 200W
Size: 200 X 480 X 480
Weight: 20 KG
Learn More

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HPC Switch Blitz
£ 3,035.14
2 Machines in 1 - Cut by Code and Duplicate!

The Switch Blitz™ combines the best of both worlds. The Original Blitz™ code machine combined with a heavy-duty semi-automatic duplicator.

It cuts by code just like the Original Blitz™. To duplicate, simply Slide the code bearing sleeve to the right. Push in the locking pin to hold the depth crank in place. Flip the depth crank toggle handle down to engage the spring-loaded duplicating plunger.

To switch back to code cutting, just reverse the process. No tools are needed, and no adjustments are required to the machine to switch from code cutting to duplicating and back again.

The Switch Blitz™ is supplied with 3 cutters & 150 Cards.

Instacode software with cutting codes and cards is available to maximise the machines potential. Learn More

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HPC Blitz 1200 - 240v (Machine Only)
£ 2,322.31

A well proven key cutting machine which cuts to number using code cards which are easily inserted.

Machines are sold as Base models only, so you can select the right extras you need and not waste money on complete packages.

Additional cutters and adaptors are available for maximum use.

Available in 240v or 12v power supply.

Instacode software is recommended for code searching and card printing. Cards and keys is available for printing the cards only if you already have a code souring program.
Learn More

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Easy Entrie Profile - Startup Pack
£ 8,477.75

Can’t find the proper key blanks?
Start cutting key profiles yourself! with this profile-cutting-unit.

The Easy Entrie consists of a measuring unit, which measures the customers key profile, so that the cylinder keyway can be determined. A milling unit mills a special profile into the Rohlex, to fit into the cylinder.

Simple to use. Works stand alone, but PC software is available.

Startup Packaging includes the Easy Entrie machine, 350 Blanks and 10 Cutters.

Size: 300 x 300 x 300

Power: 12v

Learn More

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Zed Bull Transponder Machine
£ 1,712.64

The Most Advanced Transponder Equipment Available

* Transponder Identification *

* Transponder Cloning *

* Transponder Production *

* PC Software & Database *

* Produces Crypto * Transponders from Low Cost Blank Transponders


• Identification of ALL Transponders, including 8C
• Shows Lock Status
• Clone or Copy Fixed 11, 12, 13, 33, 73, T5, 4C to EH2 or TPX1
• Clone or Copy Crypto 40(some), 41, 42, 44, 45, 4D to EH2 or TPX2
• Transponder Production from low cost blanks
Produces Blank 40, 41, 42, 44, 45, 46, 73, 61, 62, 65
• Transponder Test Function
• Reads Pincode from 33 Renault keys and 45 Peugeot Keys

Optional Features

EEPROM Applications

• Enables pincodes to be read from immobiliser or ECU by IC removal
• Programs transponders ready to start vehicle
• Detailed immobilser pictures, pin pointing IC to be removed
• Ideal for the professional Auto Locksmith

VAG Pincode Reading

• Reads pincodes direct from the OBD 16 pin socket on:
VW, Audi, Seat & Skoda Learn More

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Silca Fast Copy Machine
£ 1,318.42
The Fast Copy can identify and program all fixed code and Texas® crypto type Transponders.

It can clone fixed code type Transponders: Philips®, Temic®, Megamos®, Texas®, Nova, and Texas® crypto type Transponders.

The Fast Copy key Machine recognises and indicates the presence of most crypto type transponders.

The Fast Copy can also be powered up in any vehicle by means of a cigar lighter socket cable. Simple to use with only two buttons.

Size: 245 x 160 x 80mm

Voltage: 220v (Mains) or 12v (Vehicle) Learn More

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